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    Hi there!


    My name is Megan and I'm the person behind MB Soap Co. I started making cold process soap January 2020 after a year of watching soap making videos and researching soap. I started making soap as a creative outlet and I loved the idea of making something from my hands that I could share with others.


    What has surprised me the most during my soap making journey is learning how certain ingredients in soap are harmful for both the environment and your personal health which is why I only use natural ingredients including clays, essential oils and palm free oils.


    I aim to make soap look as beautiful as it feels to use it. I only use high quality essential oils and fragrance oils. The soaps are always coloured with natural ingredients including various natural clays, herbs and/or charcoal.


    I'm always experimenting with new ingredients and essential oil blends.


    Feel free to contact me for any of your soap questions!

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